Drew Kennedy &  Jed Zimmerman

Afallon Presents

Drew Kennedy & Jed Zimmerman

Sun · May 27, 2018

Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

$10.00 - $88.00

Venue is on the second floor and only accessible by stairs. 

Drew Kennedy
Drew Kennedy
I write songs for a living, and have been doing so since 2004. I have two favorite guitars, one being a 1964 Gibson Country and Western, which (with the help of a fine luthier) I was able to return to a playable condition after finding it in a state of total disrepair. I love the way it sounds, and I think it likes having me around, as well. My second guitar is a 2004 Gibson J45, which held a starring role in the movie Infamous. Unfortunately, Infamous lost the Hollywood Truman Capote Sweepstakes, and Capote beat it out of the gate. Infamous saw limited release and went to DVD pretty quickly. That being said, the guitar is probably still more famous than I am, even in all of it's DVD glory. If The Smoking Gun ever publishes an extravagant concert rider with my name on it, rest assured that the requests for seedless watermelon slices and Caciocavallo cheese came from the guitar, and not from me. I love music. I love hearing songs that are intelligent, thought provoking, and honest. They give me hope, and their songwriters give me inspiration. I recently finished recording my third album, which I plan to release soon. I decided to call it An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel. I think it's a clever title, but I am often wrong about these types of things. I live in New Braunfels, Texas with my wife, three dogs, a cat, and a generous school of fish that I try not to forget to feed when my wife assigns me the task (the fish, that is… the dogs let me know if I'm forgetting about them in their unmistakable way). We like it here. I travel a lot for my job. There's not much of a point in writing songs if you don't share them with an audience. Besides, the dogs can't clap, I can't hear the fish, and the cat generally doesn't care about what I do… and everyone needs a little positive affirmation in their lives from time to time. So, I hope to see you at a show. If you'd ever like to say hello, you can reach me via email ( info at drewkennedymusic.com ), smoke signal, telegraph, or carrier pigeon. Whichever is easiest for you.
Jed Zimmerman
Jed Zimmerman
Recorded in Midtown Memphis, TN on a breezy afternoon, Write Now is possibly Jed’s most honest and true moment to date as a singer songwriter. Combining the muddy Mississippi Delta with the majestic mountains of the southwest, Jed is quickly becoming hailed as a troubadour talent comparable to the best of the last
30+ years. Originally from Memphis, TN, Jed has been a nationally touring act for the better part of this decade. It is in the Texas and Southwest area however, that he finds himself most at home.
His previously self-released works (Lose to Win, 2005) and (Songs to Take Home, 2007)
were recorded and produced by legendary Memphis songsmith and mentor Keith Sykes.
Songs to Take Home landed in the number two spot on XM Radio's X Country Chart and
gathered 4 out of 4 stars in Memphis' Commercial Appeal. Both recordings produced
a stable of original songs, which have been recorded and performed by many other
artists. Now, living in the artist driven community of Taos, New Mexico, Jed has recorded a
new EP Write Now being released this fall on MADJACK Records. Write Now is a stripped
down acoustic approach, epitomizing Jed’s true worth as a writer devoted to his craft.
Venue Information:
Fort Worth Live
306 N Houston St
Forth Worth, TX, 76102