Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueroes

Afallon Presents

Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueroes

Sam the Lion, Jed Zimmerman

Sat · November 17, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$15.00 - $16.62

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Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueroes
Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueroes
I am fortunate that I play my songs across a wide region that is filled with folks who find comfort, enjoyment & meaning in coming out to listen to folks like myself. I am fortunate that enough folks come out, generally, that I can come back to those places and play my songs again. I am lucky, I think, that I knew my calling at an early age, and at one point in my life, I took the necessary steps to follow that calling out into the world. I am still learning how to listen to, and stay true to the voice, and true to the work I am given. I try not to take myself too seriously, but I do try to take seriously this work; this calling. I play some nights just me and my guitar, and some nights with my talented and funny wife, Tina. And some nights with the The Mystiqueros, a living art collective, a hill country jukebox, one of the bands on the bill in honky-tonk heaven. I drive, I play, I sleep and dream. I have had a fair share of songs recorded by other folks, which was my dream all along, and I have played shows with heroes & real poets & the deepest of cats. But I live for the gig tonight, and tomorrow. I am fortunate... and I hope to see you down this road.
Sam the Lion
Sam the Lion
Jed Zimmerman
Jed Zimmerman
Recorded in Midtown Memphis, TN on a breezy afternoon, Write Now is possibly Jed’s most honest and true moment to date as a singer songwriter. Combining the muddy Mississippi Delta with the majestic mountains of the southwest, Jed is quickly becoming hailed as a troubadour talent comparable to the best of the last
30+ years. Originally from Memphis, TN, Jed has been a nationally touring act for the better part of this decade. It is in the Texas and Southwest area however, that he finds himself most at home.
His previously self-released works (Lose to Win, 2005) and (Songs to Take Home, 2007)
were recorded and produced by legendary Memphis songsmith and mentor Keith Sykes.
Songs to Take Home landed in the number two spot on XM Radio's X Country Chart and
gathered 4 out of 4 stars in Memphis' Commercial Appeal. Both recordings produced
a stable of original songs, which have been recorded and performed by many other
artists. Now, living in the artist driven community of Taos, New Mexico, Jed has recorded a
new EP Write Now being released this fall on MADJACK Records. Write Now is a stripped
down acoustic approach, epitomizing Jed’s true worth as a writer devoted to his craft.
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